No one asked you, so shut up.

Just shut up. I officially am done. You have a job to do. One that you chose and that treats you very well. You were gifted by God with an ability that few others were blessed with and for that I am eternally grateful. I am a movie junkie and you so wonderfully feed my habit and for that I am in awe of you. But last night, you ruined it. You took our beautiful relationship and tainted it. Just shut up, Hollywood. I did not tune into the Golden Globes to become privy to your views on politics. All I wanted was the magic of seeing my favorite characters, represented by you, grace the stage and walk off a little taller than they came on. To celebrate the very thing that can whisk me away from the harsh realities of life and take us to the places of my dreams. But you ruined it and I had to turn the channel.

I am fortunate to have surrounded myself with many types of professionals that I seek out as the need arises. When I am under the weather, a doctor treats me without a nary an utterance of their thoughts on gun control. When looking for the best cuts of meat, my butcher has not once began the experience by describing his hatred for a particular political party. My hair stylist has yet to begin the glorious sensation of having my hair played with by her tirade of why one candidate is the devil while the other was sent from heaven to save the world. My mail has never been held captive while my postman rants about the ills of illegal immigration. And for these things I am grateful. They are doing their job as a professional. If one day these individuals and I meet on a social basis and a political conversation ensues, I will be more than happy to hear their thoughts. But while they are doing their job, it is not necessary and arguably inappropriate.

So Hollywood, your job is to entertain us. And after you have received your award for the fabulous job you did, because in deed your work is glorious and revered, you can carry on your political banter with others at the magnificent parties you will attend. Or from your cell phone while wearing your sweats and slippers like the rest of us. You are human and have the right to subscribe to any belief you wish and I respect that. I just wish you would respect that I don’t care to hear it. The world is your stage, but only to act; not to spout your political views.



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