The Purge: A Kitchen Story

I guess it’s that time. Time for the obligatory New Year’s post. But, on the other hand, it has been since May that I posted anything! It would be great if I could say that it was due to some some Earth changing activities I have been involved with that kept me too busy to click the button that would lead me here, but sadly no. Just haven’t. So here we go.

First of all, I am so tired. But only because over the Christmas break, I allowed myself to get into a bad staying-up-too-late routine that has left me dreading immensely the alarm that will crash into my ears tomorrow morning as I head back to school. I even set my alarm this morning so that I could at least be tired all day and hopefully sleep tonight. I mean it was early this morning, like, wait for it…. 9:00 am. As in three hours later than what I have to do tomorrow but two hours earlier than I have been sleepily rising over break (occasionally, not EVERY day)!

So, like most humans across the world, I decided to organize and simplify. No, not very imaginative I know, but probably necessary as I look at the three contractor bags and two boxes of stuff (crap) that I am tossing from just my kitchen alone. I am fairly confident that one whole bag is just tupperware lids or bottoms that have no partner. Why was I saving those? Like the other half would come running slow motion across a field of wildflowers to reunite with its long lost love? Not to mention the chipped plates, mismatched (not in the cool shabby chic way) bowls, and dollar store kitchen contraptions that my husband collects every time he goes. And those damn wooden spoons. They are gross. Anyone who knows me knows why those suckers had to go. Touching raw wood makes me run screaming to find lotion. I mean it makes me physically shudder in disgust. Those spoons were the first to go.

So in search of recipes and ideas that would inspire me enough to put down the leftover Christmas chocolate and cheese straws, I came across Live Simply. This woman was fascinating. Her name is Kristin Marr and she has the most beautifully put together blog about “real food” eating. And homemade housecleaning products. And homemade makeup. And homemade laundry soap. And the list goes on! I am pretty sure she is my new idol. Don’t get me wrong: I have no intention of making the laundry soap before doing the gazillion loads that pile up over the week. But I did get inspired in a big way from what she had to say and how she presented it. And good grief the photos were a perfect example of the power of advertising! The simplicity of an egg on a counter… but dang I wanted an omelette after seeing it! If I were a stay at home mom, I would consider trying some of her household practices. I have to be honest and say that although I did make my child’s baby food many moons ago and the thought of getting all Mother Earth in my housekeeping is appealing, I know it is a bigger commitment than I am willing to take on right now.

So for now, again like every other human, I will try to eat better. I am quite sure that at some point today, the tiniest part of me will consider digging into the kitchen trash hoping the chocolate package is still closed so that I can finish them off. But, the good news is I threw away a ton of crap. I’m talking perfectly good chocolate in addition to other works of the devil lurking in my pantry. But of course after I thought I had gotten it all, my husband comes in with chocolate covered peanut butter balls and the suggestion of eating at Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Seriously?

My goal you ask? To eat cleaner. To eat more stuff from the perimeter of the grocery store as opposed to the ooey gooey delicious center. Hard enough in the best of circumstances. But I am the only one in the household that wishes to participate. I have one chicken tender lovin’ teenager left in the house and a husband that doesn’t eat vegetables other than baked potatoes and green beans. Neither of them are interested in what I am trying to pursue so it’s time we split ways. They can hit up Chick-fil-a together every night while I sit by myself crunching vegetables. Good grief I am already telling that small part of me to stay away from my chocolate filled garbage can… When they ask me what what’s for dinner, my answer will not appeal to either one of them. And I swear to all that is holy, they will both be living in the garage if they even think about bringing the damn take-out bags in this freakin house.


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