Loving my Liebster!

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I was recently contacted by Bellamonte at collerfornia and asked if I would be willing to accept a Liebster Award nomination. After looking up what in the heck that was, I gladly accepted. What a serendipitous event that she stumbled across a post of mine she liked and clicked around on my blog! I love her take on things and her sense of humor. She says what needs to be said and in the most entertaining of ways! Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts Bellamonte!!! Here is the link to the acceptance of her Liebster and her nomination of me.

What is the “Liebster Award”?

The “Liebster” is awarded to up and coming bloggers, blogs that are not well known yet and usually have less than a few hundred followers. Once you’ve been nominated and accepted the award you have to write a post to thank the person that nominated you and answer the questions that they asked you. In return you nominate up to 11 blogs and ask them to answer questions and the chain continues.

So here are the questions posed to me and my answers:

  1. Where and when do you blog?

Propped up in bed with big pillows, pajama pants, and possibly M&Ms. Usually at night after an eventful day and I need to unleash some thoughts.

     2. Give us a link to the post you most enjoyed writing.

I tend to be irreverent and sarcastic so those posts are the most enjoyable. But the one that meant the most and felt the most cathartic to write was “This boy”.

3. Why did you start blogging?

I get a certain high from telling stories. I picture myself moving to the Florida Keys and pretending to Hemingway my way through the writing process. I have just recently started realizing that I am getting older and “one day I’ll write” better start now. When I had surgery recently, I figured I might as well start writing since I couldn’t do anything else! A friend had a blog and I thought it seemed the perfect way to write pieces of my thoughts without committing to say a whole book. I’d still like to eventually write a book but I have no idea what it would be about, which might be a slight problem.

       4. Name one of the best places you have ever been.

This is so hard to answer! Best can mean way too many things. Right here right now is the best emotional place I’ve been because I am happy with my life. The best physical place was back in my twenties when I didn’t appreciate my wonderfully toned body. The best geographical place was Florence, Italy. So breathtakingly beautiful and it made my heart happy.

5. What one experience have you had that reminded you the world can be pretty small sometimes?

I am winging it. And by that I mean I just gave this blog a name and started writing. I didn’t delve into the mechanics of the actual blog and its capabilities. I inadvertently stumbled upon the “stats” section of the dashboard the other day and was floored by the countries represented. Seriously people that far away had read MY stuff? Anywhere in the world we are milliseconds away from contact with anyone! At some point I would really love a technological genius with a knack for dumbing things down to really explain to me how all this is possible. I mean wouldn’t you love to have Ma and Pa and Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie come back to life and freak them out with all this technology? To show them that Walnut Grove is magically connected to Russia without pesky Mrs. Olsen listening in on the switchboard?

      6. Have you decided on your next holiday? Where are you going? If not, where would you like to go?

First of all, I love the use of the word holiday as opposed to vacation and I am going to make it a point to transition to that word permanently! My husband and I have felt very strongly that our kids should have experiences so we travel every chance we get. We are water people and most of our holidays have involved beaches. However we did fly west two years ago and traveled around Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona. That was amazing and it is unanimous we’d like to go back. But if I was the sole decider of the next holiday, it would be a photographic African safari in glamping tents with a side trip to Madagascar.

      7. What is your favorite thing to do outdoors?

We live on a river and have a boat. Watching the curl of the water as the wake forms behind the boat is magical to me. Some reggae playing, my puppy sniffing the air, my family all together, the sun shining. What else is there?




      8. Four words that describe yourself.

A comment was left on one of my posts where the person wrote that I sounded “unapologetically honest but warm”. I have adopted that description with pride and am still in awe how my writing can get across who and what I am to a complete stranger! Thanks Sunayana Sen!

      9. You have one day all by yourself, nothing on the calendar, what would you do?

Do I have to do something? If I have no obligations, I might just do absolutely nothing but lay out in the backyard in a beach chair with a fan plugged into a really long extension cord while listening to music. If it’s raining, I’ll be on the screened porch with some Netflix binge-watching.

My favorite view!

10. Tell us about your favorite restaurant.

Sentimentally, it would be Mahi Mahs at the oceanfront. After the best crabcakes and garlic smashed potatoes (other than mine), my husband very nervously asked me to marry him on the beach.

(null) (2)
He fell asleep holding me after my surgery and I couldn’t resist getting a picture….

      11. What is your favorite drink?

A margarita on the rocks with salt. But not from the Mexican restaurant closest to me because theirs has this weird pulp in the mix. The one farther down the street that serves them in goldfish bowl sized glasses with endless chips and salsa. Or mixed berry diet Lipton green tea if we’re talking school hours.

And now, here are my nominations for the Liebster Award!

Claire at Whimsical Notion blog has a life motto that makes me happy… “Shit happens. Flowers grow.” I don’t know about you guys, but there are a lot of flowers growing around my way!

Brain Cancer Babe has touched my soul. Her amazing story will have you clicking to see the next post!

Our third act blog is an honest and funny look at life after 50 and how it is the perfect time to take advantage of new found freedom and the ability to make our own decisions!

Ron from Gaining Liberty is taking on a secret dream of mine. He and his family are attempting to live off the land. I look forward to him continuing to post so that I can learn from his mistakes in case I decide to eventually go for it!


Here are my questions for them! I can’t wait to see their responses!

  1. How do you decide on the content of  your posts?
  2. What inspires you?
  3. What wild animal would you have if ethically and lawfully possible and why?
  4. Your plans get cancelled. What last minute activities do you turn to?
  5. Where is your dream destination and what would be the coolest way to get there? Because part of the fun is the journey!
  6. Describe in all its glory a time you learned from embarrassment.
  7. Describe the best meal you’ve ever eaten.
  8. You have found yourself crying in a movie- catharsis or nuisance?


Thanks for reading and hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. Thank you to all that served!




3 thoughts on “Loving my Liebster!

  1. Thank you so much again for this nomination, Kimberly! What an awesome idea! I’m going to work on this today after a long bout of insomnia last night. Since I’m very new to the blogosphere, how do I search out new blogs in particular? Pretty much any blog I find has been up for months and months, if not years…


    1. Insomnia is the absolute worst. Ugh! I see your blog is also through WordPress. They have something called First Friday where people that are new to blogging can post and get feedback. I looked through that for inspiration. There is also a one word prompt that I have emailed to me daily and when I notice someone only has a couple months archived, I figure they are relatively new. It took me a good week to find new folks, ask them and get responses, and write my answers and new questions. But it really was fun! I can’t wait to hear your answers! I hope your day is fabulous despite the lack of sleep!

      Liked by 1 person

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